AnTuTu Benchmark v7.2.3 APK Latest Download 2019

AnTuTu Benchmark 7.2.3 APK

AnTuTu Benchmark 7.1.1 APK

AnTuTu Benchmark 7.1.1 APK must be new for many of the Android users. Because most of the people do not know about this application as it is not so popular. It is a very useful app that gives you the real score of your mobile phone device. The score is very exact in the form of numbers. Not only the performance of your phone overall, but this software also gives you a score number for the RAM, 3D graphics, input and output of the system, and also the processor.

The numbers like 50, 51, 52 etc. will tell you about the performance of the device. And the apps, for example, Facebook, messenger and all the other similar apps may affect the performance. The battery consumption also depends upon these factors. It does not affect your privacy or has no security issues. The advertisement will not tease you while you use this app. The file size of version 7 is also less and has no effect on the performance of the device. This website has also reviewed many other apps and tools including  DLL Files Fixer Crack . Check the review and share it with others if you are interested.

AnTuTu Benchmark App Latest

AnTuTu Benchmark APK Latest

This application is measuring the performance of different parts inside the phone. And also the overall performance number. Although the performance depends upon the MB of RAM, downloads in your phone and other specifications of the device. But the performance number help a user to better understand the performance of a mobile phone. The focus of AnTuTu Benchmark Mod APK is UX (user experience). The UX performance will score two parts, one is the speed of multitasking and the other is run time. The real UX will help you judge the overall performance of your device.

AnTuTu Benchmark Mobile Rating App

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It also checks the processor or CPU inside a device. After checking that, AnTuTu Benchmark 7.1.1 APK will show the details and descriptions about which apps can run smoothly on your device. And what apps and games that are not suitable because they need a better processor. The memory of a smartphone (RAM) can also be checked and scored using this application, AnTuTu checks the performance of the RAM. The score of the RAM determines how efficient it is and how quickly it can read the data and for how much time it can store that data. And the higher score in the RAM performance means the better performance of your mobile phone device.

Another good thing that AnTuTu Benchmark 7.1.1 APK will check is the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit). This measures the performance in 2D and 3D graphics separately. The score of graphics will indicate how fast and efficiently it can run games. This app can also determine the input/output score of your mobile phone as well. Now you can access the data from external storage stored on a different device. App screenshot will help you to get an idea of what going on in the app.

How to Use AnTuTu Benchmark?

AnTuTu Benchmark app is very easy to use and has a simple policy. You just need to click once to measure the performance of your phone from different aspects. There is a “Details” button which on pressing it, shows you the performance and detailed score of RAM, I/O, Processor etc. You can very easily clear the cache. And the judgment of your device has gone very easy using this application. It can be downloaded from google play store. Download AnTuTu Benchmark now and start using it. You can use Benchmark AnTuTu Benchmark on Android 4 and above. It has many previous version from 1.3, 1.4 to version 7.1, 7.1.0 It is really simple to download and install the application. So, download AnTuTu Benchmark APK now and start measuring the performance of your smartphone.

practical ux test

What’s new Antutu 7.1.1?

This is the latest version of AnTuTu 3dbench app for Android devices. This version is much more improved as compared to the older versions.

  • More devices supported
  • Identification problem is fixed on some devices
  • Score loss bugs are fixed
  • Fixes some bugs from the previous version to get the optimum performance.

Antutu Benchmark 7.1.1 APK score varies with device and can be downloaded from the app store by google inc.

Antutu Apk download Features

Antutu officer has all the features that help you in judging the performance of your smartphone.

  • Gives a performance score of your phone
  • Also gives an individual score for RAM, processor, GPU, I/O etc
  • Better UI and UX
  • Lightweight app and does not affect the performance of your phone
  • Access information related to your phone.

Pros And Cons:


  • AnTuTu Benchmark is a free app
  • Gives individual performance scores
  • Phone check – star app
  • Individual file information
  • Help to increase the device performances
  • Practical UX tests


  • As many companies are trying to increase the performance of their mobile phones in benchmark apps, so it has almost no cons.

Antutu Benchmark file information:

Size: 52mb

Last Updated: 19-Nov-2018

Current Version: 7.2.3

Android Version Required: 4.1 and up

Video Guide:

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