7 Amazing Games Like Pokemon Go You Should Play In 2019

7 Amazing Games Like Pokemon Go

pokemon go related games

Pokemon Go is an amazing game that has been very famous and trending among the Pokemon lovers and the gamer’s. The reason why this game has become so popular around the world is that there is no competition. There was no other game of this kind before Pokemon Go was launched. Players accepted this game and many people around the world played it. This game is offered by Nintendo. Later the developers introduced more features to make the game more interesting.

Because of very huge number of players for these ar apps, now there are many other games like this in the market.

Games Similar To Pokemon Go

Here are some games similar to Pokemon Go:

  • Aliens on the Table

Aliens on the table apk

Another Pokemon go similar game. Aliens on the Table is about shooting the aliens and stop their invasion. This game is all about stopping the aliens from destroying the area that they are building. So you have to stop them in any way. This is the main objective of this game. This game is being played by lots of people around the world. The overall number of the people playing this game is over 50,000. So, if you are a Pokemon Go player and like to play other games on this kind, Aliens on the Table is for you.

Aliens on the Table Play Store: Download Link

  • Genesis Augmented Reality

Genesis Augmented Reality

This is just another game like Pokemon Go and other such ar games. The name of this game “Genesis Augmented Reality” best defines it. The game play is real-time and every characters has some special skills. You have to fight a battle with some characters. And all the characters are awarded with some special skills that no other character has. In Genesis augmented reality you have to go through different expanses of cosmos and battle to collect the rewards. It’s available for ios and android both and you can download it from play store and apple store. You will defiantly enjoy playing Genesis Augmented Reality if you really like pokemon go.

Google Play Store Link: Genesis Augmented

  • Ingress


Ingress for Pokemon GO players, another game from the same category. This game is developed by Niantic and is very popular. It is downloaded for more than 50,000,000 times. There is a whole virtual world in this game in which you have competition with the other players. The main objective is to stop the forces that are trying take over the humanity. You can play with the players from any part of the world. This is also a location based game in which you have to plan the strategies. Strategies help you to attack an opponent successfully. Side by side, you can also see the other players’ progress too.

So download it now play with the people from different parts of the world.

Click here to download: Ingress Prime

  • Dragon Mania Legends

dragon mania leagends

As the name shows “Dragon Mania Legends”, there is a Dragon land. And you are a villager there. The main objective is that you have to save that Dragon land from the enemies that want to harm the area. The game has somewhat similar game-play to the Pokemon Go.

There are lots of dragons in the area. And you can train any dragon you with different skills like fire, rock, air etc. New dragons take birth from the eggs and by training them in different aspects, they can fight and defeat the enemy. The game has good graphics and is worth playing. You must download it if you like to play such games mentioned above.

  • Zombies Run

If you are fond of Pokemon Go and searching for some other games like this, Zombies, Run is here for you. This is totally a fun game but there is a twist in it. Make yourself fit with the help of Zombies.

The concept of the game is just the same. There will be your enemy that will surround you and they will try to kill you. And simply, you need to run and save your life. There is a thrill in the game and the amazing sound effects are also added. And to enjoy the thrill, it is recommended to use the headphones. It is all about collecting the supplies and unlock the daily missions. It is similar to Pokemon Go but you in this game, you need to kill the zombies instead of catching and collecting them

  • Father.io

father io pokemom alternative

Father.io is one of the latest games. This game is very much similar to the Pokemon Go. This game is just available in the beta version, but people still play and enjoy this. This is the second game in which you interact with the real people in the real world.

If you are playing or you have played Pokemon Go and you love it. Then you surely must try the beta version of this game because this thing is exactly as per your choice. The amazing thing is that there are more than 12,000,0000 real locations in this game from different parts of the world.

Father.io is something that you must try, so, download it now and have amazing game-play experience with real world locations. Soo if you are into these amazing games like pokemon go you should try it.

  • Landlord Real Estate

Landlord real estate tycoon

Landlord Real Estate is a virtual gaming experience. You can become a real estate tycoon in this game. Do not think that you can easily build your estate in just a day or so. Because there may be some disasters, or real time difficulties that occur. You have to struggle to get yourself closer to your goal and then ultimately achieve it. There are many real life situations like buying and selling properties, building different things like hotels, restaurants, schools etc. You need to do all these things to make yourself stable and for good earning.

After making yourself strong and an estate tycoon, you can compete against the other tycoons in the game. This is also something that you must try. You can also try zombies run it is also similar to pokemon.

Download Pokemon Go Alternate Games

All these ar games are somehow similar and if you are a Pokemon Go lover, then you must try these because you will surely like these games.

Play games like Pokemon: You can download these augmented reality games, as most of them are available on Google Play Store. If you love playing pokemon go you it will be worth while to try the above listed pokemon go alternates.

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